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33 words is a quick, fun way to be creative in just a few minutes.

If you have a few spare minutes on a train, in a cafe or while waiting for friends,
then why not share your creativity with the world and make use of some
unqiue software to create a 33 word scribble based on your location.

All you need is access to a tablet, ipad, smart phone etc., with GPS / geo tagging hardware / ability 

 A 33 word scribble is a short piece of creative writing of no more than 33 words,
which encorporates the unique 3 word address which defines your location
 a 3mx3m square, anywhere on the planet.

33 words – is an extension of the software what3words

33 words users can also find other 33 word scribbles on a map,
enjoy browsing the 33 word scribble archives
or read our latest blog based on a 33 word scribble.  

Have fun!